Monday, April 11, 2011

Breast augmentation in Austin : Increase the size

Well, it goes without saying that the fuller and the firmer breasts is the dream of all women. In fact almost every woman hugs the desire of flaunting that ‘perfect’ figure accentuated by the two breasts. Plastic surgery technique now makes it possible to flaunt a new shapelier you with the kind cruelty of the Austin plastic surgeons knives.

It is not an overstatement if said that there are women like you who decides to have breast augmentation. Honestly, reasons are many however when it comes to the point of choosing breast augmentation in Austin the reason manly boils down to one factor- ‘improving the self esteem’. In fact all are not born same and in a world where ‘Size’ matters, females can no more be satisfied with the small bosom size. Yes, there are some women who want to match their breast size with their hip size and waist line. The size of your breast also stands as one of the parameters in defining your beauty and this is why the Board certified plastic surgeons in Austin stands as an interesting solution to bank on. Even childbirth can alter the size of your chest and same stands true if you have lost considerable amount of weight and now the plastic surgeons offer the incredible solution to alter yourself- to look feminine, to look fuller! Good news for the heavy bottom women also because now their smaller bustline can be increased significantly align
their figure to the core.

The process, breast augmentation in Austin has identified two main types of augmentation surgery - implants and mastoplexy, or breast lifting surgery. In fact these two go hand in hand as Implants increase the cup size of the breast, while mastopexy lifts and shapes the existing tissue while firming up the breast. All that matters the most is to choose the right size of the implants and it is always better to consult the Austin plastic surgeons to determine the size. Well, this is particularly because the finished size of the implants in your breast augmentation mostly depends on your body structure, bone structure, current weight, and muscle mass and it is therefore advisable to choose the cup size that suits your body type and the one that is also comfortable for you.

In breast augmentation surgery the surgeon inserts the implants through small surgical incisions and for minimizing the appearance of scar they make the incisions around the nipple, in the underarm, or in the stomach area. The best part is, the incision is made in such a way that once you are completely healed, the fact that you have had breast augmentation surgery won't be visible to the naked eye!

Expect more from life and consult the Board certified plastic surgeon to make your breasts bigger, firmer and fuller!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tummy Tuck in Austin:Just Not A Concept

Yes it has happened and today crossing all the borders and so called tradition, cosmetic surgery has now become the most sought after technique for reviving yourself and the plastic surgeon is the person to bank on for recreating you. Be it for Face Lift in Austin , Tummy Tuck in Austin or be it for liposuction in Austin or for lifting your sagged breasts the Austin plastic surgeons have become the name to bank on.

Although cosmetic surgery has been thought to be a female driven industry but now with the tremendous advancements in technology and safer techniques it is no more restricted to the females because men are also seeking to improve or change their bodies through the plastic surgery technique.Research has proved that of the top five,liposuction in Austin stands as the 3rd most popular among men in 2007 and the men accounted for nearly 33000,or 11% of all the liposuction procedures in 2007.

That’s right;men turn to Liposuction in Austin for an array of reasons and one of the primary reasons is quite like their female counterpart they also want to flaunt a sleeker,slimmer body that looks good in and out of their clothes.Well,although it is a known fact that men can lose weight faster than women yet stubborn fat deposits still collect and sit there around the waist.Yes,I know how annoying those love handles look and I am sure no one really loves those or to have or to hang on to those love handles,what say?This is why the Board certified plastic surgeon in Austin has offered a solution in the style and form of liposuction in Austin.In fact the fatty cell which doesn’t respond to diet and exercise,liposuction stands as one of the most important step to permanently remove them.That’s right;it is one of the most sought after way for exposing that rock hard abs on which you are working hard to chisel.

Not just limited to crafting a chiseled ab but another popular site which men are addressing with liposuction is the facial area.As there is no exercise to work off the facial fat hence guys are depending on liposuction to suck off the fat in this.Yes,it’s a fact that getting rid of that double chin and perhaps slimming the jaw line in fact takes years off of a face.

So what are you waiting for? Now go slim, trim and revive yourself with liposuction in Austin!

Hurry up!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Austin: Know More

Do you still feel the same as you wear that little black dress or that aqua swimsuit! Perhaps No, right?Because you’re sagged breasts now stand as the reality.The breasts hanging far too low now remind you of the days long gone,the days of your youth,the days of spring!Well,sagging breast can be the sheer result of an array of things of which weight loss,age,breast feeding and pregnancy are the vital ones.No matter for what good reason your breasts are sagging,the end results is the same and if you are worried and feel depressed then Breast Lift in Austin may be the answer,which you might look for.

Perhaps you know this already that your breast is made of ligaments and soft tissues and there are hardly any muscles to hold your breasts.Well,there are the pectoral muscles,which are located much below the breast tissues but these are not adequate enough to support your heavy bosoms and this is one of the main reasons why the huge breasts sag.Pregnancy and especially the multiple pregnancies also cause the breast to sag owing to breast involution.Gravitation and aging are other two important factors which also plays their part for sagging breasts.That’s right;sagging breast is not a fair sight however no matter how much you try to lift it smartly and to simulate firmer breast but it’s tough to hide the laxity and slackness of the drooping ones.And now the Austin Plastic Surgeons offer you the answer in delaying the ageing clock.Yes,breast lift in Austin stands as the most sought after options to bank on.

However prior embarking on the process of breast lift surgery you should ensure that you are done having children (although it is not a requirement).Well,this is because pregnancy will enlarge your breast hence the subsequent birth and breastfeeding will potentially lead to saggy breast.Another important factor which you may consider is your future weight and if you want to lose a significant amount of weight then you should discuss this with the Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Austin during the initial consultation.Honestly,weight loss often means a reduction in breast size hence can lead to saggy breast again in your future.

The Austin plastic surgeons during your initial consultation will tell you which surgical techniques will work best for you.Their decision largely depends on an array of factors including your breast size and shape,location and size of your areolas,the elasticity of your skin is and most importantly how much sag you have to contend with.The older you are the less elasticity your skin has in it, so a breast lift may have better results with younger women who have a lot of elasticity left in their skin.

If everything goes well you will probably be able to go home the same day. Recovery takes usually a week and also you can get back to work within a week’s time. Now here is the catchline;as you recover,you will be able to find out that your incisions are slightly visible but do not worry because they will usually fade over time and are easily concealed by clothing.

Get set and go;let not the charm fade away!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Austin: When Shape Matters

Gone are the days of push up bras and augmentation creams this is the age of plastic surgery and the Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Austin now talks about the breast augmentation surgery technique to make you fuller,firmer and feminine.That is right;a scientific solution to your natural problem, breast augmentation can actually be a wonderful addition to any woman’s life.The simple way of breast augmentation can help in uplifting your appearance and spill in other areas of your life.

Before delving further deeper let us understand why women of all ages are so fascinated by breast augmentation.The new fuller breasts look appealing and also balance well with your fuller hips.Well,they say "Loving oneself is the first step in having positive relationships with others" and this stands true in cases of breast augmentation surgery which indeed helps in rekindling your old flame and to be out in the dating game once again.Breast augmentation in Austin is a wholly surgical procedure which entails making an incision and placing a medical device called an implant inside the breast area.

And after Breast Augmentation in Austin a perfect fitting bra is an absolute necessary. There are few times in a woman's life when a perfect fitting bra is an absolute must.In fact after the 'boob job' the style and fit of the bra can actually make or break the recovery process.

In fact,there are certain things,which need to be taken care of and they include:

Comfort:This is the most important aspect while selecting a bra and after the breast augmentation surgery in Austin "comfort factor" can stand as a big issue with.

Recovery:You have heard that right;wearing the right type of supportive bra makes the recovery process after the breast enlargement surgery much smoother.

In fact a good bra can help with the final shaping and also support you in avoiding sheer appearance complications.Also you can prevent the rapid descent by wearing the right type of bra after the breast augmentation surgery.

Selecting the right bra is indeed important and only a well fitted support bra should be worn on a regular basis at least for three weeks after the breast augmentation surgery in Austin.

Take care because it is your body and your body deserves the BEST care!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Face Lift in Austin: For Drooping Breasts

Are you still hoping and perhaps searching for the ‘fountain of youth’?well take a break because experts from world off science and technology has introduced a novel way of taking off years from your face.Yes,we are here to talk about the face lift surgery which has taken the whole concept of plastic surgery by storm. According to the Austin plastic surgeons although this medical procedure will not stop people from getting old,however it helps in delaying the physical signs of ageing such as,wrinkles,crow’s feet,facial lines and sagging or drooping facial skin.

Also termed as 'Rhytidectomy',Face Lift in Austin is done with the aim of tightening the sagging,loose skin on the face.The goal is however simple,to get rid of those ugly wrinkles found around the lips,nose and chin areas.In fact the Board certified plastic surgeons coins it as the 'face-and-neck lift' since it involves both the face and the neck.

No,you don’t have to actually fear about the scarring after the surgery because the expert Austin plastic surgeons makes the incision in a particular way so that majority of the scars only takes place in the scalp and within the natural shape of the face lines.Well,to start with the facelift surgery typically begins from the hairline and then it traces a line down to the front era while surrounding the earlobe and then at the back of the ear.

As an obvious next step the facial skin is carefully lifted for eradicating the excess fat and for tightening the facial tissues and the muscles.This is once again followed by tightly pulling the skin while cutting the excess skin away.Once the Austin Plastic Surgeons finishes these,the incision is then aesthetically closed with the use of fine stitches and staples.

Do you think that you need a face lift?Well,let us understand first who the good candidates are for the surgery:

  • The ones with sagging facial and neck skin
  • The ones with skin which has retained its elasticity
  • People with in good health
  • The ones maintaining a stable weight for at least last 6 months
  • The ones with strong bone structure
  • People with realistic expectations

Basic procedures and techniques of face lift in Austin

Anesthesia:General or Sedation
Location:Hospital,surgical center or office
Surgery time:2-4 hours

Well,the face lift can tighten the soft tissues of your face,chin and neck while improving your jaw line,sagging cheeks and loose neck skin.However the surgery cannot improve your forehead, eyelids,eyebrows and wrinkles around the mouth or your skin texture.In fact for additional results you can undergo a forehead lift and eyelid surgery at the same time of the face lift to create a uniform appearance. It is indeed the best time to bank on the 'kind cruelty' of the Austin plastic surgeon’s knife and halt the ticking of the ageing clock!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breast Reduction in Austin: Just Not A Concept

"I wish to have a taut stomach",
Melissa says "I wish if I had fuller cups",
Lara contemplated on her oversized breasts and said "it would have been great if I would have just a cup size smaller than this".
No,these are not farfetched scenarios rather extremely practical situations.Yes these are the real life scenarios when you think of altering your body image.You are right;today it is now possible because the Austin plastic surgeons have now carried the art of cosmetic surgery to the next level of excellence.

Honestly,be it for getting rid of those extra fats,for lifting your face or may be for reducing your breasts,toning the tummy or for any kind of body image correction, the board certified plastic surgeons have now left the door ajar to the idea of recreating yourself with the kind cruelty of their knives.No more restricted to the riches and the celebs the face lift in Austin or the Breast Augmentation in Austin,Tummy tuck in Austin has now gained a whole new facet in reshaping your body parts,for quick fixing your defects and to enhance your beauty.

Well,you can now bank on the Dr.Rights not only for repairing the body defects (which was once the basic crux of plastic surgery and had been reckoned as the corrective surgery) rather the Austin plastic surgeons have now made cosmetic surgery to stand apart as typically the cosmetic procedure in revivifying your intimate parts,in recreating yourself and most importantly in promoting a wholesome change in your relationship with yourself.

That’s right;cosmetic surgery now has been proved as the globally accepted means and as the most effective and scientific means of amending your looks. Well,to hold back the years,to stay in shape,to remain beautiful the Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Austin are there to lift your face,breast or to taut your tummy.Yes,the plastic surgery now stands as an easy solution to amend and rectify your body features to look good.

Now the most important part,cosmetic surgery is after all a surgery to change your appearance.Therefore,caution needs to be observed when you select the plastic surgeon.Price factor,although that’s important however let it not be the primary cause of your selection and keep in mind his experience,his professionalism,his set up when zeroing down on the best Austin plastic surgeon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Austin Plastic Surgeons: Now Lift It Smartly

The sheer effects of sun exposure,exposure to pollution makes the facial and neck skin sag and this gets further amplified with the combination of folds and deposits of fat in and around the jaws and jowls.And this certainly leaves you because your sagged face is just the last thing which you can expect.You apply the anti ageing cream but nothing seems to work well.Worry not because the Austin plastic surgeons have now ushered a new era in cosmetic surgery.Yes,face lift in Austin is now the most sought after technique in reinventing you.

That’s right!The science of cosmetic surgery has now left the door ajar to array cosmetic procedures like,tummy tuck in Austin,Austin breast augmentation and the Face Lift in Austin also stands as the best surgical technique in making you look younger and also to let you strut boldly.Austin face lift is all about halting the aging clock,to improve the overall appearance of the face and to make you look much younger.

The aim of the Austin plastic surgeons is also simple and that is to make you appear younger and confident while defying your age.No,the board certified plastic surgeons in Austin will never give you that detesting tight mask like appearance and this has made face lift in Austin a state of the process in regaining your youthful skin.The process however consists of removing excess skin for creating a rather youthful appearance in the patient.Well,it’s more like giving your skin a taut and wrinkle free look as young people are classically defined as having tight,wrinkle-free skin.

In most of the cases,the Austin Plastic Surgeons begins the surgery by making a long incision from ear to ear,traveling in a smooth line up above the hairline.Once he is done with the incision, the surgeon then separates the top layer of skin from the tissue underneath.This deeper tissue is then further tightened and then the skin is placed back while removing all the excess skin.Does that sound simple? Well,it might but it indeed takes a deft hand to prevent the procedure from giving you a pinched look!Honestly,the end result is sheer perfect especially in patients who have good skin tone,elasticity and blessed with the skin that stretches easily.

Are you serious of doing a face lift?If yes then it is indeed high time to understand what the procedure is all about what it is not very good at doing.Ask the Board certified plastic surgeon to make a more informed decision because it’s after all your body and your body indeed demands the best care!